» » VIN number 5FNYF18628B033580: 2008 HONDA PILOT EXL

VIN number 5FNYF18628B033580: 2008 HONDA PILOT EXL

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VIN number 5FNYF18628B033580: 2008 HONDA PILOT EXL and all information about car (VIN decoder, identification and history car). Here You can find other VIN codes for HONDA.

Production Year2008
Factory namePilot
TypeSport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)
Number of Cylinders6
Displacement CC3474.057568
Displacement CI212
Displacement L3.474057568
Number of doors5
Drive Unit4WD/4-Wheel Drive/4x4
Model of EngineJ35A9
Engine KW181.9508
Entertainment SystemRear Entertainment System
Fuel Type PrimaryGasoline
GV WRClass 1D: 5,001 - 6,000 lb (2,268 - 2,722 kg)
ManufacturerHONDA MFG., ALABAMA., LLC.
Transmission StyleAutomatic
TrimEX-L( With RES)
Brake System TypeHydraulic
Valve Train DesignSingle Overhead Cam (SOHC)
Transmission Speeds5
Engine ConfigurationV-Shaped
Engine HP244
NCSA Body TypeLarge utility (ANSI D16.1 Utility Vehicle Categories and "Full Size" and "Large")
NCSA MakeHonda
NCSA ModelPilot
NoteRES: rear entertainment system
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On this page you can find complete information about VIN number 5FNYF18628B033580: 2008 HONDA PILOT EXL car. The table shows the VIN code, production year, manufacturer, model of car and the rest of the complete information about the car.

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