» » VIN number 1GKS2GKCXJR385779: 2018 GMC Yukon XL

VIN number 1GKS2GKCXJR385779: 2018 GMC Yukon XL

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VIN number 1GKS2GKCXJR385779: 2018 GMC Yukon XL and all information about car (VIN decoder, identification and history car). Here You can find other VIN codes for GMC.

Production Year2018
ModelYukon XL
Factory nameYukon XL
Body Cab TypeExtra/Super/ Quad/Double/King/Extended
TypeSport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)
Number of Cylinders8
Displacement CC5300.0
Displacement CI323.42584370208
Displacement L5.3
Number of doors4
Drive Unit4WD/4-Wheel Drive/4x4
Model of EngineL83 - Spark Ignited Direct Injection, Variable Valve Timing, AFM, E85 MAX, ALUM
Fuel Type PrimaryGasoline
GV WRClass 2F: 7,001 - 8,000 lb (3,175 - 3,629 kg)
SeriesXL SLT
Trim1/2 ton, SLE
Brake System TypeHydraulic
AirBag Loc CurtainAll Rows
Valve Train DesignDual Overhead Cam (DOHC)
AirBag Loc Front1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
Fuel Type SecondaryEthanol (E85)
Fuel Injection TypeStoichiometric gasoline direct injection (SGDI)
Seat Belts AllManual
NCSA Body TypeLarge utility (ANSI D16.1 Utility Vehicle Categories and "Full Size" and "Large")
NCSA ModelSuburban/Yukon XL (2004 on; see 431 for 1950- 2003)
AirBag Loc Side1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
NoteEngines listed as flexible fuel do not necessarily mean the vehicle is equipped for flexible fuel.
Other Restraint System InfoFront Inboard Seat Side Airbags in First Row
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