» » VIN number 1GKEK63R0YR194814: 2000 GMC DENALI

VIN number 1GKEK63R0YR194814: 2000 GMC DENALI

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VIN number 1GKEK63R0YR194814: 2000 GMC DENALI and all information about car (VIN decoder, identification and history car). Here You can find other VIN codes for GMC.

Production Year2000
Factory nameYukon
TypeSport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)
Number of Cylinders8
Displacement CC5700.0
Displacement CI347.83534133997
Displacement L5.7
Number of doors4
Drive Unit4WD/4-Wheel Drive/4x4
Model of EngineL31
GV WRClass 2E: 6,001 - 7,000 lb (2,722 - 3,175 kg)
Model Year2000
Plant CityArlington
Trim1500 (1/2 ton) Luxury
Brake System TypeHydraulic
Engine ConfigurationV-Shaped
Plant CountryUnited States (USA)
Plant Company NameGM Truck Group
Plant StateTexas
NCSA Body TypeLarge utility (ANSI D16.1 Utility Vehicle Categories and "Full Size" and "Large")
NCSA ModelFullsize Jimmy/Yukon
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On this page you can find complete information about VIN number 1GKEK63R0YR194814: 2000 GMC DENALI car. The table shows the VIN code, production year, manufacturer, model of car and the rest of the complete information about the car.

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