» » VIN number 5TFAZ5CN6GX018387: 2016 TOYOTA Tacoma

VIN number 5TFAZ5CN6GX018387: 2016 TOYOTA Tacoma

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VIN number 5TFAZ5CN6GX018387: 2016 TOYOTA Tacoma and all information about car (VIN decoder, identification and history car). Here You can find other VIN codes for TOYOTA.

Production Year2016
Factory nameTacoma
Body Cab TypeExtra/Super/ Quad/Double/King/Extended
Number of Cylinders6
Displacement CC3500.0
Displacement CI213.58310433156
Displacement L3.5
Number of doors4
Drive Unit4x2
Model of Engine2GR-FKS
Engine KW207.3046
Fuel Type PrimaryGasoline
GV WRClass 1D: 5,001 - 6,000 lb (2,268 - 2,722 kg)
TrimSR5 Grade
Vehicle TypeTRUCK
AirBag Loc CurtainAll Rows
Wheel Base TypeLong
Engine ConfigurationV-Shaped
AirBag Loc Front1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
AirBag Loc Knee1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
Engine HP278
Seat Belts AllManual
Adaptive Cruise ControlStandard
A BSStandard
NCSA Body Type30
NCSA MakeToyota
NCSA ModelTacoma
E SCStandard
Forward Collision WarningStandard
Lane Departure WarningStandard
Rear Visibility SystemStandard
AirBag Loc Side1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
NoteCab: Double
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On this page you can find complete information about VIN number 5TFAZ5CN6GX018387: 2016 TOYOTA Tacoma car. The table shows the VIN code, production year, manufacturer, model of car and the rest of the complete information about the car.

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