» » VIN number 1GTHK29U85E105510: 2005 GMC Sierra

VIN number 1GTHK29U85E105510: 2005 GMC Sierra

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VIN number 1GTHK29U85E105510: 2005 GMC Sierra and all information about car (VIN decoder, identification and history car). Here You can find other VIN codes for GMC.

Factory designationSierra
Body Cab TypeExtra/Super/ Quad/Double/King/Extended
Body ClassPickup
Engine Cylinders8
Displacement CC6000
Displacement CI366.1424645683
Displacement L6
Drive Type4WD/4-Wheel Drive/4x4
Engine ModelLQ4
GV WRClass 2H: 9,001 - 10,000 lb (4,082 - 4,536 kg)
Model Year2006
Plant CityPontiac
Trim2500 (3/4 ton)
Vehicle TypeTRUCK
Brake System TypeHydraulic
Fuel Injection TypeMultipoint Fuel Injection (MPFI)
Plant CountryUnited States (USA)
Plant Company NameGM Truck Group
Plant StateMichigan
NCSA Body TypeLight Pickup
NCSA ModelC, K, R, V-series pickup/ Sierra
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On this page you can find complete information about VIN number 1GTHK29U85E105510: 2005 GMC Sierra car. The table shows the VIN code, production year, manufacturer, model of car and the rest of the complete information about the car.

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