» » VIN number WBABW33465PL36092: 2005 BMW 325 CI

VIN number WBABW33465PL36092: 2005 BMW 325 CI

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VIN number WBABW33465PL36092: 2005 BMW 325 CI and all information about car (VIN decoder, identification and history car). Here You can find other VIN codes for BMW.

Factory designation325Cic
Body ClassCabriolet/Convertible
Engine Cylinders6
Displacement CC2494.1111408
Displacement CI152.2
Displacement L2.5
Engine KW137.2088
Fuel Type PrimaryGasoline
GV WRClass 1C: 4,001 - 5,000 lb (1,814 - 2,268 kg)
ManufacturerBMW AG
Model Year2006
Plant CityRegensburg
Series3 Series
AirBag Loc Front1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
Engine HP184
Plant CountryGermany
Seat Belts AllManual
NCSA Body TypeConvertible(excludes sun-roof,t-bar)
NCSA Model3-series
Wheel Base Short107.3
NoteBMW NA Code 0641 Serial Number Ranges : Manual PG99250 - , Automatic PX83251,PX83252,PX83454,PX83485 Shipping Weight Std.=3560 SMG=3560 Auto.=3627 GVWR Std. = 4442 ,SMG = 4442 ,Auto. = 4508 GAWR Front = 2083 ,Rear = 2546 ,Service Load = 882 Length w/ bumpers = 176.7 ,Width = 69.2 ,Height = 54 ,Track Front = 57.9 ,Track Rear = 58.4
Other Restraint System InfoDual-stage suppl. restraint system (SRS) certified to the advanced airbag requiremnets of FMVSS 208, S14.
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